Red Deer Danish Canadian Club

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ABC Country Restaurant, February, 24, 2019

IN ATTENDANCE: Aase and John Deveraux, Jens and Anna Kaastrup, Juel and Wilma Pedersen, Faye Kjearsgaard, Niels Bonde, Pernille Nielsen, Dorothy Stone, Vilma Pratt, Hans and Inge Mathiesen. Board members: Larry Kjearsgaard, Ellen Bonde, Joanne Nielsen, Ester Ouderkirk, Hanne Giles, Glen Pratt. Absent: Brigitte Jensen

Meeting called to order at 6:50 pm

No additions to agenda

Minutes of the 2018 AGM was read by members present. Jens Kaastrup moved that the minutes be adopted as read, Seconded by Inge Mathiesen. Carried

Treasurer’s report - was delivered by Ellen Bonde and financial statements handed out to members present. Ellen moved to adopt financial report seconded by Pernille Nielsen. Carried

President Report – Larry thanked volunteers and directors and especially Ellen for her efforts as treasurer. Larry moved to adopt Presidents report Seconded by Pernille Nielsen. Carried

Old Business – Reports from committees on 2018 events

Spring and Fall Campouts – Glen Pratt reported that there was a good turnout for spring campout and a smaller group for fall campout. Recommendations for next year better advertising and to specify people are welcome to come out for the day and enjoy activities Saturday or Sunday if they are not camping.

St. Hans Fest –Eric and Kelly Hansen hosted the event and it was very well attended around 70 people. Big thank you to Niels and Ellen who were responsible for the fire and Big thank you to Eric and Kelly who will host the event this year.

Golf Tournament- Larry reported that the Top of Hill Golf course is closing so another course will have to be considered for 2019. Larry will look into other courses in the area.

Harvest Party – Around 60 people attended. Recommendations for 2019 better DJ and sandwiches. Board will work on recommendations. Thank you to Ester for the table decorations.

Bursaries- Joanne Nielsen reported that there was two recipients accepted, Laryssa Ubels will attend Red Deer College and Jaedyn Paarup will attend University of Calgary. Each received $1000. Requirements regarding bursaries are on RDDCC website. Deadline is October 31st each year.

Teledane, Website and Facebook – Big thank you to Edith Jones for the Teledane and Birgitte Jensen for website and Facebook updates.

New Business

2019 Danish Federation Conference – Winnipeg May 23-26. Larry encouraged members to attend information will be in the next teledane. There is also a seminar that follows the conference May 27 – June 1st.

Aquavit supply – Larry suggested putting in an order for April. Glen Pratt made a motion to order 2 cases (24 bottles) from Aligra Liquor Store for 2019. Seconded by Pernille Nielsen. Carried

Financial Reviewers for 2019 – Hans Mathiesen moved that Faye Kjearsgaard and Pernille Nielsen be appointed reviewers for financial statements in 2019. Seconded by Hanna Giles. Carried

In Memory- Condolences to the families of Doris Jewell, Svend Larsen, and Bent hjhhz\jjj|\\\hhHusted. $200 will be donated to the families for a donation to a charity of their choosing.

Fastelavn – Larry went over the entertainment for Fastelavn on Saturday March 9th, 2019- cost $20 for member and $25 for non-members, under 16 free. Costumes are encouraged to be worn. Club will supply Pork roast participants to provide Potluck dish (salad, veggie or dessert). March 4th deadline for tickets.

2019 Budget – Ellen Bonde presented the budget for 2019. Larry recommended a breakdown of costs for events in next year’s statement for the general account. Faye Kjearsgaard moved that the Budget be adopted Jens Kaastrup seconded. Carried

Motion- Re: a. Danish Federation Conference 2019. Pernille moved that the RDDCC pay for member’s registration that are attending and obligated to attend the AGM of the Federation and AGM of the Danish Canadian Museum. Seconded by Faye Kjearsgaard. Carried

Elections – For new board members. Larry asked for nominations from the floor.

Glen Pratt, Hanna Giles, have finished their 2 year terms. Birgitte Jensen finished 1 year term.

Inge Mathiesen asked if they would let their names stand for another 2 year term

Hanna Giles accepted another 2 year term,

Glen Pratt declined but will volunteer to be in charge of spring and fall campouts and report to board.

Birgitte Jensen has accepted another 2 year term through communication with Larry Kjearsgaard.

Jul Pedersen was nominated but declined.

Hanna Giles nominated Dorothy Stone and she accepted a 2 year term.

Ester Ouderkirk moved nomination cease, seconded by Glen Pratt. Carried

Hanna, Birgitte and Dorothy were elected as directors by acclamation.

Larry Kjearsgaard, Ester Ouderkirk, Joanne Nielsen and Ellen Bonde have 1 more year of their term to serve.

Adjournment 8:26