Red Deer Danish Canadian Club

Proud Member of the Federation of Danish Associations in Canada




Red Deer Danish Canadian Club AGM

March 8, 2015 Cronquist House


1. The meeting was called to order at 2:15pm with 10 members in attendance.

2. Minutes of the 2014 Annual General Meeting were read by Larry K.Jens K moved, seconded by Kari

   M to adopt the minutes. Carried.

3. Treasurer's Report: Kelly H presented the financial report indicating the following balances:

           General Account: $12,926.70           Casino Account: $24,972.75

           Investments: $45,480.43                    Inventory: $ 3,386.99

    Thank you to Ellen Bonde and Patti Husted who conducted the review(audit) for 2014.

    Moved by Kelly H, seconded by Jens K to adopt the financial report. Carried

4. Correspondence: Thank you cards were received from our Bursary recipients and were circulated.

5. Presidents Report was presented by Larry K indicating a good year but with some minor concerns             about the need for 'new blood' on the Board.

6. Committee/directors reports were presented outlining each of our activities.

7. New Business.

a) The annual Danish Federation Conference will be held in Vancouver in May. Members were reminded that   RDDCC allocates $1000 each year to help attendees.

b) Concerning a request from the Danish National Museum to take over hosting of the 2017 Conference:   Moved by Faye K and seconded by Kelly H that RDDCC would be willing to assist the Danish Canadian National Museum by fronting the necessary costs providing that RDDCC have representation on the planning committee and that any profit/loss on the conference be split 50/50 with the DCNM. Carried with 7 in favour, 1 opposed and 1 abstention.

c) Volunteer Appreciation: Discussion was held about combining our Volunteer Appreciation with our AGM. A straw vote was in favor of this idea. The new Board will look at this.

d) 2015 Budget was presented and discussed. Moved by Jens K and seconded by Ellen B to accept the proposed budget. Carried

e) Moved by Kari M and seconded by Kelly H to appoint Ellen Bonde and Patti Husted as reviewers (audit) for the 2015 fiscal year. Carried

8. Election of Board of Directors: Larry Kjearsgaard and Dorothy Stone have one year remaining on their respective terms. Kelly Hansen, Susan Jones and Kari Noete have completed their two year terms, leaving five (5) vacancies on the Board. Nominations for the Board were:

           Susan Jones nominated by the nominating committee - accepted

           Kari Noete nominated by the nominating committee – accepted

           Kelly Hansen nominated by the nominating committee - accepted

           Svend Larsen nominated by Dorothy Stone – declined

           Eric Hansen nominated by Kelly Hansen – to be determined

    Moved by Kelly H and seconded by Kari M that nominations cease. Carried

    Nominees were declared elected by acclamation. The Board will fill vacancies by appointment.

9. The meeting was adjourned at 4:25pm on a motion by Dorothy S.

In attendance: Larry Kjearsgaard, Kari Morck, Faye Kjearsgaard, Kelly Hansen, Jens Kaastrup, Niels Bonde, Ellen Bonde, Anna Kaastrup, Dorothy Stone, Svend Larsen


Respectfully Submitted,

Faye Kjearsgaard,

Acting Secretary