Red Deer Danish Canadian Club

Proud Member of the Federation of Danish Associations in Canada






                2020 Bursary Recipients:

 *  Chantal Stone

NOTE:  There were no applicants for the 2021 Bursaries

The Red Deer Danish Canadian Club provides up to eight $1,000 bursaries to future scholars of our community each casino cycle .  Funding for the bursaries comes from the proceeds of our casino held approximately every three years.  Successful applicants should:


-        At time of graduation from high school, reside in the City of Red Deer or

    within a 100 km radius of the city.

-        Be a high school graduate with proof of above average academic standing.

-        Provide at least two written personal references attesting to character &

    suitability for post secondary studies.

-        Provide proof of registration in a program at a post secondary institution

     and a brief description of the program.

-        Provide a cover letter stating reasons for requesting the scholarship.  This

    letter should also describe personal interests, hobbies, and future goals.

-        Be prepared to make a presentation at the Annual General Meeting of the

    Red Deer Danish Canadian Club following course completion.

-        Provide information pertaining to financial need (if applicable)


The Board of Directors of the Red Deer Danish Canadian Club will meet to determine eligibility of all applicants.  In addition to the criteria listed above, other considerations may include:


-        Studies involving Danish Culture and/or Language programs in Canada or

     Denmark will be given higher priority.

-        A scholarship will only be awarded to an individual once.


Applications may be submitted by October 31 each year to:

                    Red Deer Danish Canadian Club

                                Box 173

                          Red Deer , Alberta

                               T4N 5E8


  (Please print and submit the form which follows)





Year  Applying:  _______



Name: ______________________________       Age: __________


Address: _______________________                 Telephone: __________






Course Description: _____________________________________


Educational Institution: __________________________________


Dates of enrolment: _____________________________________


How did you finance the course? (Check all that apply)

          ___ Working                            ___Scholarships

          ___ Student Loan                      ___ Parent Help    



Applicant’s Signature: ______________________


Date: _______________


         Application package should include:


*  Grade 12 Transcripts             * Proof of Registration

*  Two Letters of Reference      * Cover Letter

*  This Cover Sheet                                                   



(For Red Deer Danish Canadian Club use)


Date Received: _____________      Reviewed by: _______________________________