Red Deer Danish Canadian Club

Proud Member of the Federation of Danish Associations in Canada







Red Deer Danish Canadian Club

Established 1959


Objects & Bylaws


Filed with AB Corporate Registry March 10, 2010






Article 1.         Name


    This organization shall be known as “Red Deer Danish Canadian Club”, referred to in the

    bylaws as the “Club”.


Article 2.         Objectives


1.  To preserve and promote the knowledge of Danish culture in the community.

2.  To educate people in the community about Danish culture and language.

3.  To provide post-secondary school bursaries for qualifying students.

4.  To provide youth educational and recreational programs in the community.

5.  To organize cultural and social events for seniors and members in the community.

6.  To arrange travel for seniors and members to social and recreational events.

7.  To support Danish Museums in the community.

8.  To advise and support Danish immigrants in the community.   




Red Deer Danish Canadian Club

Established 1959 


Filed with AB Corporate Registry March 10, 2010


 Bylaw 1.          Membership


   1.  Anyone over the age of 18 years may become a member by paying an annual

        membership fee, and by following the Club bylaws and rules.

   2.  Fees will be set at an annual general meeting by a 2/3 majority vote of members present.

   3.  Only members who have paid fees are eligible to vote or be elected. 

   4.  Memberships expire on December 31 of the year (or years) paid.       

   5.  The Board may name deserving members “Life Members”.

   6.  Life Members shall not pay membership fees.


Bylaw 2.          Loss of Membership  


   1.  Members may resign at any time, by mail, fax or email to the president, but no fees will be


   2.  Members may lose membership by a majority vote of the Board, if they do not

        follow the Club bylaws and rules.

   3.  Members who lose membership may appeal and state their case. The Board

        decision shall be final.

 Bylaw 3.          Meetings, Quorum & Voting


   1.  The president shall set an annual general meeting before February 28 each year.

   2.  The president may call a general or special meeting at any time.

   3.  Ten percent of the paid members may call a special general meeting when it is deemed


   4.  At least 21 days’ notice must be given to paid members for all annual, general and special


   5.  The president may call Board of Directors’ meetings at any time.  

   6.  A majority of the directors may call a special Board meeting when it is deemed necessary.

   7.  At least 7 days’ notice must be given to directors for all Board meetings.

   8.  Notice of all meetings shall be given by mail, fax, email or telephone.

   9.  A quorum for annual, general and special meetings shall be 10% of the paid members.  

 10.  A quorum at Board meetings shall be a majority of the directors. 

 11.  Voting for elections shall be by secret ballot. All other voting may be by a show of

        hands, unless a secret ballot is requested. 

   12.  Voting on financial motions at general or special meetings must have a 2/3 majority to be


 13.  The president shall have a vote, and in case of a tie, shall have 2 votes.

 14.  Life Members shall have a vote.

 15.  Votes received from paid members in writing before a meeting will be permitted.

 16. The Order of Business at meetings shall be:

          (a)   Call to Order                                              (f )   President’s report (at an AGM)

          (b)   Additions to the agenda                             (g)   Old Business

          (c)   Minutes of previous meeting                      (h)   New Business

          (d)   Treasurer’s report                                      ( i )   Elections (at an AGM)

          (e)   Correspondence                                        ( j)    Adjournment   

 Bylaw 4.          Board of Directors, Appointment & Duties


   1.  The Board of Directors, referred to in these bylaws as “the Board”, shall consist of a minimum of 5             

        and a maximum of 7 directors, elected for 2 year term.

   2.  Directors shall manage the Club’s affairs according to the Objects and Bylaws.

   3.  Directors shall be elected at the annual general meeting, with 3 - 4 directors elected in

        even-numbered years and 2 - 3 directors elected in odd-numbered years.

   4.  Directors may only serve 2 consecutive terms, but may return to the Board after a

        1-year absence.

   5.  If a director cannot complete his or her term, the Board shall appoint a replacement for

        the balance of the term.

   6.  Officers and directors may be removed from the Board by a 2/3 majority vote of

        the directors, if they do not follow the Club bylaws and rules.

   7.  Directors shall not receive any payment for serving on the Board. Expenses incurred on

        behalf of the Club will be repaid. 

   8.  In the event that special circumstances arise, the Board of Directors may appoint up to three

        directors whose terms are expiring to serve for a maximum of one more year. A director(s)

        appointed through this provision may not be considered for a further appointment in the following


   9.  Directors shall elect a president, vice president, secretary and treasurer at their

        first Board meeting following the annual general meeting. The president must have

        served on the Board previously for at least one year.

 10.  The president shall

               (a)  provide leadership in following the Club’s objectives

               (b)  represent the Club in the community.

               (c)   chair Club meetings, or appoint another member as chair

               (d)  prepare an agenda with the secretary and vice president

               (e)  attend committee meetings

               (f)   report on the year’s activities at the annual general meeting

              (g)  have signing authority on cheques 

 11.  The vice president shall

              (a)     perform the president’s duties in his/her absence

              (b)     perform such duties as the president or Board requires

              (c)     have signing authority on cheques.

 12.  The secretary shall

              (arecord minutes of Club and Board meetings

              (b)  send meeting notices as required by the bylaws

              (c)  record attendance at all meetings

              (d)  handle all correspondence as directed by the Board

              (e)   perform such other duties, as the Board requires

              (f)   have signing authority on cheques

13.  The treasurer shall

              (a)   receive and deposit Club funds in a bank designated by the Board

              (b)   pay Club bills

              (c)   provide financial statements for all meetings

              (d)   provide a financial statement for each Club activity

              (e)   provide records for an account review, and present the reviewed statements at

                    the annual general meeting

              (f)   provide a budget for approval at the annual general meeting

              (g)  maintain a current mailing list of members

              (h)  send a list of the Board of Directors elected at the annual general meeting, and

                   a reviewed financial statement to Alberta Corporate Registry each year

              (i)   perform such other duties, as the Board requires

              (j)   have signing authority on cheques. Any 2 of 4 signatures are required on cheques.

14.  Committees

            (a)  Committees shall be established as deemed necessary.

            (b)  Committees shall be responsible to the Board, and provide written reports and

                   financial statements at meetings.


Bylaw 5.          Borrowing of Funds


1.   The Board may borrow money for capital or other projects with a 3/4 majority vote

      at a general meeting, for which members have received at least 21 days’ notice

      of the proposal.

2.   The Board may sell, manage, lease, mortgage, dispose of or otherwise deal with

      Club property, with a 3/4 majority vote at a general meeting, for which members

      have received at least 21 days’ notice of the proposal.


Bylaw 6.          Fiscal Year & Review of Accounts


     1.   The Club’s fiscal year shall be from January 1 to December 31.

     2.   Two members, who are not directors, shall be appointed at each annual general meeting

           to audit the Club accounts for the next year.


Bylaw 7.          Custody & Use of the Association Seal


   1.   The president, vice president, secretary and treasurer shall have signing authority for the

         Club, and custody and use of the association seal, if one is obtained.


Bylaw 8.          Amendments


   1.   Amendments to the bylaws shall only be made by a special resolution at a general

         meeting, of which at least 21 days’ notice of the proposed amendments has been given

         and by a majority vote of at least 3/4 of the members eligible to vote in person or in writing.

   2.   Amendments may be proposed and passed at a general or special meeting with less than

         21 days’ notice, if all members entitled to attend and vote, so agree.


 Bylaw 9.         Storage of Minutes and Records


     1.   The secretary shall store Club minutes and records in a safe place.

     2.   The treasurer shall store Club accounts and records in a safe place.


Bylaw 10.        Inspection of Minutes & Records


     1.   Club minutes and records may be inspected by members at any time, upon

           arrangements with the secretary or treasurer.


Bylaw 11.        Dissolution of the Club


   1.   In the event of the dissolution of this Club, all funds shall be divided equally among the

         following charities:


                   (a)  STARS Air Ambulance

                   (b) Danish Canadian National Museum Corperation


                          Red Deer Danish Canadian Club Operating Rules      

                                                        March 2016


1.  These Objects, Bylaws, and Operating Rules and were first voted on and passed at the

     founding general meeting at the AMA Building, April 9, 1959, with amendments on the

     following dates: 

                        General Meeting, March 11, 1967      

                        Special General Meeting, February 16, 1979

                        General Meeting, February 14, 1981

                        General Meeting, February 10, 1984

                        General Meeting, February   7, 1986

                        General Meeting, February 14, 1987

                        General Meeting, February 10, 1997

                        General Meeting, February   9, 2007

                        General Meeting, February   9, 2008

                        General Meeting, February 14, 2009

                        Annual General Meeting, February 7, 2010

                        Annual General Meeting March 29, 2016

                        Annual General Meeting March 1, 2017



2.  The mailing address shall be Box 173, Red Deer, Alberta, T4N 5E8.


3.  Memberships fees shall be $30 per couple per year, ($80 for 3 years; $130 for 5 years);

     or $15 per single person per year, ($40 for 3 years; $65 for 5 years).

     Children under 18 years are free with a parent’s membership. Memberships are due on

     Jan. 1 and expire on Dec. 31 each year. Memberships must be renewed by the AGM to

     continue receiving the Teledane.

4.  Only the Board will be responsible for issuing membership cards. 

5.  The Red Deer Danish Canadian Club organizes such events as: Spring and Fall

     Parties; Spring and Fall Camp-out; St. Hans Bonfire; golf tournament and Children’s

     Christmas Party.  

6.  Club functions will be advertized in the “Teledane” newsletter, sent to all paid members.

7.  Up to 8 bursaries of $1000 each are available annually to qualifying students. One director

     will be appointed to handle bursaries.

8.  Members of the same household may serve on the Board at the same time, but cannot both

     have signing authority.

9.  RDDCC shall carry liability insurance for $1,000,000.

10.  Members storing Club property shall not be responsible for loss or damage incurred.

11.  The Club shall donate $200 in memory of a member who has passed away to a charity

       designated by the family.

12.  Board members shall be admitted free of charge to the annual Harvest Party.

13.  Any changes to the Operating Rules must be made by a majority vote at a general or Board